Electromagnetic Waves Problem

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Can someone help me on the following problem:

Suppose you are located 180 m from a radio transmitter. How many wavelengths are you from the transmitter if the station calls itself 1147 AM? (The AM band frequencies are in kilohertz.)

I have used the following equation to find the wavelength:

c = (wavelength) (frequency)

wavelength = c / frequency
wavelength = (3.0e8) / (1.147e6)
wavelenght = 261.6

I am not sure of what to do next to get the correct answer. Please Help.
Firstly, that wavelength is missing its units. Secondly, all you need to do is a simple division to work out how many wavelengths are in 180 m. You should be able to see straight off that it's going to be less than 1..

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