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Electromagnetic waves

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    I have coils to transmit and receive the power supplied.When we supply the transmitter , it omit the electromagnetic wave.Does it omit one electromagnetic wave or a lot of them? If there are several of them, is the energy supplied ,divided equally to the number of waves or every wave carries the same amount of power?
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    "A lot of electromagnetic waves" would be like "a lot of water". You cannot count it in a meaningful way.
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    Is the power divided or every wave possess the same power?
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    Transmitter is in about 6 Mhz. it is amplitude modulation.
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    The energy radiated will be in a band with twice the frequency of the modulation, centred on the carrier frequency.
    The EM waves will radiate as spherical waves so the energy will fall with distance, proportional to 1/d2.

    Your statement “every wave possess the same power” does not immediately make sense. Power is the rate of energy flow. Energy is carried in the wave. The amplitude of the wave varies with carrier power, modulation and distance propagated. Modulation changes the amplitude with time. What do you mean by “every wave”?
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    and EM waves are Emitted not omitted :wink:
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