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Homework Help: Electromagnetics problem

  1. Jun 5, 2005 #1
    Hello. I am an electrical engineer who is trying to improve my skills in several areas, one of which is electromagnetics.

    I am using the book by David Cheng "Fundamentals in Engineering Electromagnetics" and doing some problems in that book.

    I am having trouble with a problem in chapter 6.8 anyway here is the problem...

    6.8) Calculations concerning the electromagnetic effect of currents in a good conductor usually neglect the displacement current even at microwave frequencies.

    a) Assuming Er=1 and tau=5.70 x 10^7 (S/m) for copper, compare the magnitude of the displacement current density with that of the conduction current density at 100(GHZ)
    b) Write the governing differential equation for magnetic field intensity H in a source-free good conductor.

    can someone help me with a worked solution, i am just stuck and dont know exactly what to do. thx!
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