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Electromagnetics Supplement

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    Hello everyone, I'm currently enrolled in an electromagnetics course and find the text... decent. I was wondering if anyone knew of any easy-to-read type books I can use to supplement for my course. The book I use is full of equations and stuff, which is fine; I'm just looking for more of a explanation (Kinda like the ...for dummies) books. Thanks.

    The book I use now is "Field and Wave Electromagnetics, 2e, David K. Cheng."
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    Cool handle, ASIC. Welcome to the PF. My E&M books are at work and I'm at home, but I'll try to reply tomorrow with my most-used books. One is Hayt and one is Plonus, I think, but I'll need to check.
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    Thanks guys :-D
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    Electricity and Magnetism, in the Berkeley Physics Series, is a very readable and physical intro book from Nobel prize winner Edward Purcell. One of its strengths is to show how magnetism is the relativistic manifestation of the Coulomb electric force. Only drawback from engineering standpoint is use of Gaussian units, which however put E and B on equal (relativistic) footing. There are lots of inexpensive used copies floating around.
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    Ill keep an eye out for a cheapy copy, thanks.
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