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Electromagnetism and the photon

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    Theories in physics are often said to follow one another . This statement is both true and false . The development of a new theory does not necessarily invalidate the old theory , but often results in making the latter a particular or limiting case of the former . For instance Newtonian mechanics is identical to Einsteinian mechanics when objects move at velocities small when compared to the speed of light. Yet when a theory is based upon a mistaken premise on which the whole foundation of a particular branch of science is built , it follows that much of what has been theorised is false.
    The theory of electromagnetism , current electricity , electrostatics and magnetostatics as they at present stand are fragmented , lacking in cohesion , divisive and appear to have been formulated around a fixed idea rather than on unbiased observation. The object of this post is to discuss the many shortcomings of the above theories. A worthwhile place to start would be with the present understanding of what a photon is. According to present theory a photon is simultaneously both a particle and a wave . For a short time after Compton’s experiment with scattering of x-rays it was felt that in this experiment lay the irrefutable proof of the particle nature of light , soon afterwards , however , claims were made that far from proving the particle nature of light , Compton scattering only served to confirm the wave theory of light . It is necessary here to understand how this controversy had reached such unacceptable heights. It was not a question of just a simple accretion or concentration of energy at different points such as is found in ultrasonic waves , for instance each photon wave-length seemed to possess its own individual and immutable energy resembling a packet of energy. Thus it was extremely difficult to envision a model that would fit all the circumstances . Lacking a viable model ,the inevitable conclusion was that in the microscopic world the rules governing events were different from those that existed in the macroscopic world and that the wave-particle duality of the photon was one of the consequences of this change in rules. This was a startling development , like having objects that could be in two places at once , to explain this development was even more difficult , it was almost impossible to do so in terms of everyday language . It was therefore left to mathematicians to explain this seemingly unexplainable phenomenon. Other evidently “odd” behaviour of the photon such as its ability to retain its identity even over unimaginable distances , resulted in even more convoluted and bizarre field theories and mathematics which grew steadily more incomprehensible to the layman. Physics , at least as far as the branch dealing with electromagnetics was concerned , was an area consisting of different shades of grey.
    Into this all pervading and unremitting grey bursts the New Field Theory and its model of the photon . It arrives like a flash of brilliant renaissance colour and evolves like a great musical composition , with its recurring motifs and haunting themes . New Field Theory offers an explanation for everything. Take for instance the almost immeasurable sea of photons , trillions of individual energies and wave-lengths , which appear lie like a veritable sargasso sea , leaving the physicist marooned in uncharted waters. New Field Theory by the simple expedient of adding or taking away fundamental photon lengths gives to each photon not only separate wave-lengths but an individual identity in the form of its energy. Or take the “flow” of electricity in an electrical conductor , at present an ambiguous theory to say the least , the question maybe asked of any leading University , Oxford , Cambridge , Vienna , Massachusets , a coherent or acceptable answer would not be forthcoming. NFT explains both the speed with which electrical energy is established in an electrical conductor and also the amount of energy delivered , something which presently existing theories fail to do . While the existing equations offer a fair insight into what takes place , they throw little light on how it takes place. How is almost the whole of the electrical energy flowing through one conductor transferred almost intact to another conductor , how does this same energy seem to take on a different character in the form of radio waves. What is the reason for the existence of the magnet ? NFT , offers an explanation for magnetism which is as simple as assembling or taking apart a lego toy . Lastly take the actual propagation of electro-magnetic waves . Charged particles moving with non-zero accelerations emit electromagnetic waves (has it ever been considered that these electromagnetic waves might themselves be composed of electrically neutral electromagnetic particles ) This motion (i.e that of electrons ) is perpetual and ubiquitous , so that the whole of space , composed of particles , is filled with electromagnetic waves . Yet when this explanation is offered for the propagation of electromagnetic radiation , it is inevitably accompanied by the conclusion “that’s an aether theory that can’t be right ! “ Even though facts belie what is being said. To conclude , NFT offers a clear , rational and acceptable explanation for all of these phenomenon , yet in doing so it must necessarily mean that almost everything that has so far has been accepted will undergo change or in certain cases be completely obliterated. Yet , as was said at the start of this post , new theories (and a theory can seldom be more than a theory ) seldom completely replace existing theories , in the present instance the acceptance of NFT would be on the same level as accepting a change in measurement , switching from roods , chains and furlongs to kilometres , metres , centimetres and so on.
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    I seldom read such objective well written posts as I've read in your Electromagnetism and the Photon post. I think in some ways we are both blessed and cursed to be living at a time when momentous theories are coming to the fore in physics. Blessed in that roadblocks to progress in theoretical physics now have the potential to be blown away and cursed in that now that we see the potential in front of us we see such painfully slow progress. And the painfully slow progress seems to be coming from the usual suspects.

    I agree that the NFT has the potential to "rewire" how we think about the material world. I think much of the opposition to it comes
    about simply from entrenched interests that have overly invested themselves in a particular theory or complex of theories. This happens in all fields of human endevour. If a physicist has attained much of his career rewards by taking a particular path there is a natural inertia to being open to new ideas. Its probably the reason that so few big discoveries come from individuals older than 50 (among whom I count myself).

    But there has been another insidious reason for the timidity about NFT: early adopters. You know the ones, those trying to tap the Zero Point Field. Much of the pseudo science from these individuals have poisoned the water for those who would otherwise "dive in". If it would be possible to identify the difference between them and us it would be for us to say "We believe in NFT as being an energy intermediary through which matter has a complex interaction as it moves and changes state." If the clear division in emphasis as opposed to the "Tap the energy" guys could be made then there wouldn't be the pariah status that NFT has in some circles. It's unfortunate to say the least.

    NFT has the potential to explain many phenomena that until now has had no intuitive explanation whatsoever. At its most basic interpretation it can even account for the connection between inertial mass and gravitational mass. If one accepts that "mass" is our own definition that doesn't derive from anything in physics then one can move towards an understanding of what mass really represents - electrical charge moving through the quantum field. And from that inertial mass can be derived as well as (with more work) gravitational mass. Just don't ask me for the equations. What I'm suggesting is the potential for answers, not the answers themselves.

    And I think the clearest and most precise effect caused by this field is Entangled Pairs. When a particle at rest in an inertial frame is moved from one spatial coordinate point to another it implies an acceleration. What then happens is a complex energy exchange between the quantum vacuum and the particle. The very act of moving the particle changes not only the particle's quantum state at various points along the path but also changes the quantum state of the quantum vacuum at various points, because they are inextricably linked. Generally its impossible to statically maintain the quantum state of a particle as it is moved in space. And this fact implies that if the quantum vacuum was random before the particle is moved that it will remain random after the particle is moved. An analogy would be to having a random set of numbers laid out along a path. Now if you add 1 to every number as you move along the path it doesn't mean the numbers are now no longer random. They are still random. This is what happens in normal particle movement.

    However if one is able to keep the particle from interacting with the quantum vacuum by holding the quantum state of the particle constant as it is moved then the quantum vacuum is no longer random. You are putting energy into the quantum vacuum in a precise way that normally NEVER happens. You have created a path through the quantum vacuum that is identifiable from any reference point. I believe this is what is happening in quantum entanglement. In other words, just the careful act of preserving the state of the second particle as it is moved a distance from the first particle provides a non random trail in the quantum field. This becomes the low resistance communication path in the quantum field between the two electrons. Its sort of like providing a trail of bread crumbs from the first electron to the second. The act of communicating across the path through the quantum vacuum simply is most simply implemented by having particles with equal quantum values with the first particle remaining at the origin of the path.

    At least thats the way I see it. As is so often said "Your mileage may vary".
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