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Homework Help: Electromagnetism problem

  1. Dec 9, 2016 #1

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    in the first one. I need to find the electrical force

    in the second one. Lorentz force which exerts the wire on the other element

    third. Magnetization (M) for Nickel

    quarter. Electromotive force induced on the dipstick


    1.)If the power of a dipolar bond between two water molecules is represented by equation: (IMAGE) What is the electric force of attraction between the two molecules 2.)If a current (I) I2 = 3 A flows through the rectangle of the figure and through the infinite straight wire flows a current (I) I1 = 2, find the Lorentz force which exerts the wire on the other element 3.)Calculate the theoretical value of magnetization M for nickel (Z = 28), if two unpaired 3d electrons (d ^ 34s ^ 3) contribute to the magnetization. The nickel is FCC with a = 0.352 um as seen in the figure (IMAGE) 4.)A duct rod of length l = 20 cm moves parallel to a straight cable with a constant speed = 3 m / s, as in the figure. If a current I = 15 A flows through the cable, fiend the Electromotive force induced on the dipstick
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