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Homework Help: Electromagnetism Question?

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    Hi I have tried the question below. However I am failing at the first hurdle part a! Some help and advice would certaintly be appretiated. Thanks

    Taking a simple model of the hydrogen atom as an electron rotating around the nucleus in a circle or radius 0.53ee-10m at a frequency of 0.66ee16Hz, estimate:

    a) The look current,

    b) The magnitude of the dipole-moment of the loop,

    c) The magnitude and ridection of the magnetic field at a distance of 2ee-9m, from the center of the loop.

    For part (a) I tried using the formula: I = NevA, however this gave me an answer which was many orders of magnitude wrong lol.
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    The loop current is just the rate at which charge is a passing a point in the loop. The electron passes every point 0.66E16 times per second. How much current is that? I don't know what the formula I=NevA is referring to.
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