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Electromagnets and storage media

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    I am checking through an essay on electromagnets and i think some sentences don't quite sound right. Maybe cos they are taken from many sources, the facts become twisted. Need (expert) help to verify this. Thanks much!

    1. "Electromagnets are used to store information because they can absorb and store magnetic field."
    I understand that information is recorded and retrieved in the form of magnetic signals. Can magnetic field be absorbed? And stored? In an electromagnet? Isn't the information due to the alignment of magnetic particles?

    2. "Memory storage media use a thin coating of magnetic material to record information."
    The information is stored in the coating, yes? I think the phrasing can cause confusion.

    3. "An electromagnet can store bits of information on the storage media by repeatedly turning on and off. Reading devices that decode this information also use magnets."
    By turning on and off, the signals are recorded on the storage media? Devices that read the information also use electromagnets?
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