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Electromagnitic engine

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    Is there any engine which works using electromagnet?
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    When people first started to make electric motors they copied the steam engine, with a reciprocating mechanism. One is illustrated in my old book and is called the Magneto Electric Engine, and has a connecting rod and flywheel. You may will find these in science museums - I think they have one at the Royal Institution in London. Later on it was found that rotary engines were better.
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    All electric motors work using electromagnets.
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    I'm not asking for electric motor.
    Is there any engine, in which piston movement is controlled by electromagnets?
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    Mag-lev trains.
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    I'm asking for engine
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    Straight from:


    Engine is described as:
    So you want a heat engine as described by definition #1 that uses electromagnets instead of heat? If so it is no longer considered an engine by definition. So are you still going to get hung up on words and definitions? Live by strict definitions, die by strict definitions.
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    This link might be of interest, a V6 engine using solenoids.
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