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Electromechanics homework problem help

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    TLDR; I'm looking for a good online source for electromechanics material I can pre-learn prior to taking the course at university

    Hi folks,
    In the fall I'm starting my last semester of EE, and one of the courses we have to take is Electromechanics.
    We just found out who the professor is for the course and sadly the prof assigned is the worst professor (by far) I've encountered across my 2 degrees. During the last course we had with him (the only one I figured I would have to take from him) he screamed at me in front of the entire class on a couple different occasions for such serious things as asking him to clarify what he had written on the white board.

    Needless to say I'm now a bit worried about this course. I figure the best way I can handle the class is to not say anything to the prof and work hard giving him no room to piss on me.

    One thing I'd like to do over the next month before classes start is get a head start on the material. Does anyone have a good online source for material I can take a look at??

    Here is the course description:

    This course covers the principles of electromechanical energy conversion and electric motors. A review of magnetic field behavior leads to magnetic circuit calculations and permanent magnet circuit behavior. Energy balance principles are used to develop force and torque relationships for many electromechanical applications including relays, meter movements and motor operation. Basic principles of motor operation such as rotating magnetic fields, efficiency and machine ratings are given as a prelude to an in depth presentation of AC and DC motor behavior. Emphasis is placed on motor control and application.
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    jim hardy

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    Maybe someone knows links to old US Army and Navy training films and books from 1950's ?
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    I WAS looking forward to the course till it was this prof...

    Thanks for the links I shall start looking at them post haste :D
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