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Electron bomb?

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    had this idea a while back, but its basically like a large penning trap. its just a basic concept so bare with me.
    you construct a penning trap, but in a spherical shape instead of the classic penning design, which is similar to a magnetron. having each containing magnet positioned in series on the outer faces of the sphere. how you get the electrons in there at such high concentrations was the hard part, but i think i have a rough idea. it works kinda like a fuel injection system in a car. you bore a hole in the center of one of the containment magnets, making sure its magnetic field is pointed in the right direction so as not to force them back into the injector.
    uses? maybe a large capacitor, or..... wait for it. an electron bomb, or better known as an E-bomb. now it might sound crude but slap some high explosives on that thing, put it a few miles above your target and there ya go.


    had an idea to allow it to be more power efficient by making it a toroidal shape, but then it might loose its "umph" and it'll just look like a containment ring for an accelerator...

    also, tell me if i'm wrong with this one. don't you need equal or greater power to contain electrons then are actually inside this contraption? if thats true i just spent allot of useless time... sad.
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    That would be called a "directed energy weapon"
    Electrons are not suitable for this at long distances. They spread apart VERY quickly in open space due to mutual repulsion.
    Other, more suitable particles and/or techniques are used for this.
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    Well there was a crude emp design in a POP sci article back in 01 (or maybe it was 03).

    more Suitable? Only evidence of high energy weapons in the news/ mass media are microwave beams or high intensity lasers. (obviously this excludes nuclear weapons) There was an article I found about emp weapons, it had a "design" claimed to be use by the armed forces. Just a coil with a buttload of energy and a high explosive. Said it was a microwave type emp.

    My design isn't as "slap together" but it can output way more energy while being omni-directional. back In my highschool years I actually figured out the potential energy output, but my memory isn't delivering at the moment :/ I'm going to have to look for them and post it.
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    The problem with energy output being omnidirectional is that over half of your energy is directed away from your target, thus being a waste.
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    Also GeV-energy neutral particle (neutral hydrogen atom) beams. These are not deflected by the Earth's magnetic field.

    Bob S
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    Cool thing about this type of weapon is you don't need Is hrapnel, you don't need tons of high explosives, all there needs to be is a "blastwave" effect, while its output strength isj strictly based on the Target area and the Target depth for ground penitration. Also, if calibrated right it has the potential for a huge microwave pulse.
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