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Homework Help: Electron charge in 1Kg of H2O

  1. Oct 20, 2004 #1
    what is the total electron change in 1 kg of H2O?

    well I know I can solve this one by myself but that would take me some hours to figure out what to do so it's probably less cluttering and memorizing wrong things if I post it here

    I know an electron has a charge of -1.6x10^-19C
    I know an H2O molecule is neutral, so has the same number of electrons and protons

    what I don't know is how to figure out how many electrons there are in 1kg of H2O, or if I even need to know that.
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    Find the number of electrons in one molecule of water. Then calculate the number of molecules in one kilogram of water using Avogadro number and mole concept.
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