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Homework Help: Electron collide

  1. Nov 27, 2007 #1
    electron together

    2 electrons are fired at speed v towards one another. Knowing that each electron has a charge of e an mass m, what is the minimum distance that the two electrons will reach after fired at one another?

    My book has a different answer than me so I have to check with you guys.

    I wrote, -dE = dEk

    -(E2 - E1) = (Ek2 - Ek1) - Ek2 is zero to for minimizing radius, and we assume E1 to be zero.

    E2 = Ek1

    2ke^2/r =mv^2

    2ke^2 / mv^2 = r

    Now in our book, they had this question with numbers, i derived this formula and plugged in my values and it didn't match the answer in the book.
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    i never get any answers here man :(
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    no luck?
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    It seems that the electric potential energy is correct, but using conservation of energy, that would have to equal the combined initial kinetic energies of the two electrons, which would be 2 * 1/2 mv2 = mv2.
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