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Homework Help: Electron configuration

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    why is the electron configuration different for Z<20 and Z>90?
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    Can you please develop?
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    1s<2s<2p<3s<3p<3d<4s<4p ????
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    Well, at 90 the actinides start. They have different electron configuration, but not in the way you say (4s is always ahead of 3d). When moving on to the actinides, the f subshell is being filled.

    When doing chemical/physical notation of orbitals it is correct to write


    aswell as:


    However, it is important to remember that the (>3)d orbital is filled before the (>4)s orbital.
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    is there a reason why that is so?
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    Do you mean why the actinides are filling their f sunshell or why 4s is filled before 3d?
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    read up on the Aufbau principle
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    Out of curiosity :

    1. Where did you read this ?

    2. What does the source say about 20 < z < 90 ?
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    well, i'm taking a class called crystal fracture and that came up in the lecture notes, but didn't explain why...
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