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Electron density of stars

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    Does anybody know a place where i can find a list of electron densities of stars?
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    If you only need an estimate, consider the stars to be all hydrogen. The electron density follows from charge conservation. For more accuracy, look up the composition of the star, i.e. proportions of H-He-Li-etc.
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    your method is ok i guess. i''m currently conducting a research in determining electron density using the stark effect..i just want to check whether the pre determined values agree with my results.....of course there are various methods to determine electron densities...do you know any place where i can get the values?
    thanks for the help....
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    You can take a look in the book "Stellar Structure and Evolution" - R. Kippenhahn & A. Weigert. Once I've used this book and they talked about electron densities in the star, but I am not sure if they give values. If you do not have access to this book in any library you tell me, so I can take a look for you.

    EDIT: I forgot to ask. Do you want to know the electron density in the star as a whole, or do you want the density in the core or atmosphere? If you need want the density as a whole, the estimate given is quite useful, or if you want for a Sun-like star you could also use the He abundance...
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    thanks a lot for the help.....stupid of me to not mention which region...i'm looking for the electron density in the stellar atmosphere .i looked for the book you mentioned and didn't find it in our library .also looked for the ebook but it wasn't available too.
    anyway ,thanks a lot for the help.
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