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Electron Density ?

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    In my physics class today my teacher was wondering when electrons get colder do they become more dense . So do electron become more dense if the get colder.
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    What do you mean by more dense? What is the volume of an electron? Or do you propose to discuss a collection of electrons, like an electron gas?
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    well my teacher was originally talking about electrons in a wire what would happen if the wire got colder . what would happen to an electron gas . If we got the electron gas cold enough could it become an Einstein-Bose condensate.
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    Sure, I think an electron gas would get denser as it cooled, if other factors like the pressure were kept the same. That's generally true for gasses. The electrons in a wire might also get a little denser as the wire cools, but only because the entire wire is getting denser. Those electrons are trapped within a crystal lattice whose density changes only a little with temperature.

    However, you could never make a Bose-Einstein condensate out of electrons, because electrons are not bosons - they're fermions. That means that no two electrons can be in the same quantum state. And a system has to have a significant fraction of its particles all in the same quantum state (the lowest-energy state) to be considered a Bose-Einstein condensate.
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    I see thank-you for your response.
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    i no that mass of the electron is 9.1 x 1o-19
    volume i jus dun no?
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