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Electron diffraction

  1. Apr 30, 2006 #1
    Electrons in a television are accelerated through a potential difference of 50.0 kV and then pass through a deflecting capacitor of width 1.00 cm. Are electron diffraction effects important in this situation? Justify your answer with one or more calculations.

    A couple of questions about the homework problem above that I was assigned.

    1) At the link below, they show the formula for the relativistic speed of an electron accelerated through a potential differnce. I can't seem to derive it. I just set KE(e) = PE(field)
    E-Eo = eV ; E = relativistic energy, Eo = rest energy


    2) In the problem he gives the width of the capacitor. I'm guessing this is supposed to be some sort of diffraction grading. Do you need to use this information. I was just thinking that you could compare the debroglie wavelength the to diameter of the electron.

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