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Electron dot diagrams

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    I am having a difficult time understanding how to do dot diagrams, more specific for "pentyne"
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    im assuming you mean lewis dot diagrams.
    you must make sure that every atom has enough electrons in its bonds etc. to fullfil its outershell, in hydrogens case 2, in carbons case 8.
    its a bit hard to show you the diagram ive drawn so if u can interpret this here i go.

    H H H
    .. .. ..
    H: C ..C..C:::C..C :H
    .. .. ..
    H H H

    can you understand that? its for 2-Pentyne C5H8.
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    woops its didnt quite work, why did the spaces disapear?!?!!?!?
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    For basic lewis (electron dot) diagrams, the easiest thing to do is count up the valence electrons for each atom and add up the total, keeping track helps alot. Then start adding electrons to shells following the eight-rule. From there you can manipulate the bonding between them to fix any deficiencies.
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    Well let us start from the beginning (using what whozum has said).

    What do you think is the dot corss for ethane??
    How about ethene??

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