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Electron field

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    What avoid us to insert our hands on a wall for example? i think its the electron force of each atoms right?

    so is it possible to construct a matrix of electrons, that will make a thin layer of electrons where a think paper can float ?

    Maybe an electron emission or something, that is guided by electromagnetic waves.
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    There is electromagnetic repulsion because of the electrons on the outside of your hand will repel agaist the electrons on the outside of the wall.

    if you only use electrons, they will all repel each other too much, so you cant build a structure out of it. That's why matter is build up from atoms, which have nuclei which are positively charged, which balances the negative charge of the electrons.

    The interaction between atoms is both repulsive and attractive, so that they stay close to each other at some intermediate distance. Repulsive at small distances and attractive at large distances.

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    so, matter is repulsive because of protons and neutros? or electrons.. Because.. those are very tiny particles.. almost no mass..

    The repulsive force of electrons can't be spred on a matrix, using electromagnetic field, to constrains them?
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    perhaps you have read other discussions here?? that's exactly what happens when you place a piece of paper on a table....do a search....
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    no i have not read. where is that post, i would like to research if thats possible first..
    constrain electrons in a magnetic field strong enought that wont be disturbed by a paper placed above it...
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