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They are used in Geology, archaeology and materials science and are not simply an SEM or TEM.

Anybody using one? Know good sources of info beyond Google searches? I know nothing about them yet but hope to soon.


maybe you mean


I have access to an Atomic Force Microscope. It's not the same as an Electron Microprobe at all. EMP uses an electron beam and can do analysis of elements that are present.


in our lab

the SEM tells you what elements are present. I think it's an EDS that recognizes the elements.
Since no one seemed to know about this I went off and answered the question myself. Electron Microprobes and SEM's are very similar. They differ in the purpose they are optimized for.

SEM's are optimized for imaging but typically have an Energy Dispersive Spectroscope for analysis down to 1000 ppm and 135 eV resolution of spectra.

EMPA is optimized for chemical analysis using Wavelength Dispersive Spectroscopy for high resolution and low concentration analysis. It can still do images with Backscattered and Secondary electrons but not as high resolution as an SEM. Since WDS is very slow, EMPA uses 5 or 6 WDS units in parallel with 30 ppm sensitivity and 3 eV resolution.

EMPA's are a major tool in geology so I guess that's why there are no users in this forum.


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I'm moving this to the Earth Science forums, since the device is primarily used by geologists. Maybe someone there has more information for you.

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