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Electron-plasma chemistry

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    a possible way to make superoxide oxygen anions without making ozone?
    please tell me, normally if there is dioxygen present and a electron emitter such as a sharp needle electrode with HV is in the dioxygen there will be mostly ozone and oxygen anions (negative oxygen ions, superoxide) formed. since the dioxygen is made into ozone because of the strong electric field giving or taking electrons (beta radiation) and the UV photons imparting enough energy to sever the dioxygen bond. oxygen anions (negative oxygen ions, superoxide) are made only needing the presence of electrons and no UV or electric field is necessary. therefore if the needle electrode electron emitter is surrounded by helium, such as if there is helium blown at the needle (from a tube streaming helium pointed at it for example) then would that near 100% helium prevent most of the ozone being formed because the dioxygen is not close enough to be greatly effected by the UV (if the helium stream is wide enough) from the coronal discharge and also the electric field would be so greatly reduced as a result of the distance between the dioxygen and the emitter. so these two factors being the necessary factors in ozone production would be greatly reduced. but since the helium carries the electrons emitted by the electrode into the dioxygen further away it would still be available to create superoxide.

    that is, would this be a way to make oxygen anions (negative oxygen ions, superoxide) without much ozone. thank you,
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    If you are just worried about the UV, why not separate electrons from UV? Guide them around some corner.

    I don't know if that has other issues, but would a heated wire work as electron source? Or using the photoeffect? Would allow to emit electrons without UV radiation.
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