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Electron spin

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    How experimentally it is shown that the electron's spin is hbar/2. Is the Stern-Gerlach experiment sufficient?
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    yup, from the fact that in Stern-Gerlach experiment, the electron beam breaks into two (or in real makes that "mouth" shape)
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    Well, I guess the OP means measuring the exact value of electron's spin. That's possible too.By measuring the exact amount of beams' deviations.
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    The magnitude of electron spin figures into spectral line splittings of an atom in a magnetic field in the "anomalous" Zeeman effect.
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    The Stern-Gerlach experiment is only done using neutral particles, e.g. atoms, since a charged particle would experience a very large deflection in a magnetic field. The original experiment used silver atoms, later hydrogen atoms. It showed for the first time that in QM, angular momentum takes on discrete values.

    As per jtbell, the spin of the electron is deduced from the fine structure of atomic spectral lines.
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