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Electron Splitting?

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    What happens when you split an electron? I heard that, if you took an electron ( say it had a charge of 1 ), and you split it (how would you do this, anyway?), would the two new electrons created (if that is what happens, if not what happens?) have charges of 1/2 and 1/2 respectively?
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    You cannot split an electron. At least not according to the very well established quantum theory of electromagnetism and electrons. As far as current scientific knowledge, the electron is not divisible.

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    An electron has no substructure. Unlike other composite system you cannot split it.
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    Ah okay, thanks. I was just reading some article that was theorizing about "holons and spinons" (never heard of those before) which were formed from splitting electrons. But the answers that you posted have convinced me otherwise. Thanks! :)
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