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Electron tracks in matter

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    Hi guys,

    i have been simulating the passage of charged particles through my detector, which consist of protons, alpha particles and electrons. For the heavy particles (proton/alpha) i have assumed a straight line trajectory, since they are losing energy through ionisation and are heavy compared to the electrons they are interacting with. However, i know that low energy electrons do not travel in straight lines. Does anyone know where i can find some equations to simulate the random path of electrons as they pass through my silicon detector? Thanks.

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    You might start by reviewing the section on electron energy loss in the LBL Particle Data Group on the passage of particles through matter, especially the section on electron energy loss:


    Protons and alphas do not have a straight line trajectory; the particles are constantly being deflected by Coulomb scattering off the nucleus. See section on multiple and Moliere scattering in the above link. Electrons have much higher deflections than protons.

    You might also look through the GEANT4 tutorial held at SLAC in 2009:


    You might also look at the GEANT4 Users Guide and Physics Reference Manual in


    Bob S
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