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Electronegativity doubt

  1. Dec 22, 2011 #1
    i wanted to ask this….
    1. if an atom forms a bond with some atom of different element,say
    C-O ,then since O attracts elec more ,can we say tht it now it has less electronegativity compared to only O???
    2. in a tertiary carbon why do electrons get pushed towards the central C,is it because of the presence of some other group,say OH or +ve charge(carbocation) or would it still occur if they were not attached…??(cud it be bcoz of the slight electronegativity difference between C and H??)
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  3. Dec 24, 2011 #2
    someone plz help!!!!
  4. Dec 25, 2011 #3
    I don't know if I've interpreted your question correctly but,

    1. yes, C has less electronegativity than oxygen. Remember, the electronegativity trend increases as you go up and to the right of the perioid table..so an arrow towards fluorine.
    2. Tertiary carbon, ch3-c-ch3, wouldn't this molecule be nonpolar?

    since there isn't really an electronegativity difference big enough..why would the electron density be pulled by the central carbon??
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    Isn't it C which attracts more electrons in C-O ?
  6. Dec 25, 2011 #5
    No, oxygen attracts more electron density...it's more electronegative than C
  7. Dec 27, 2011 #6
    absolutly right as dipole of oxygen more than carbon!!!!
  8. Jan 3, 2012 #7
    thanks all of you......i think one mistake i was making was you cant really tell the electronegativity in an element .....it happens in a bonded molecule ....(in my 1st question!
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