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Electronic Braking Systems

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    Hi there,

    I'm currently researching for a Product Design project and was wondering if anyone had any insights into electronic braking systems.

    Are there any current systems being used on general automotive vehicles at moment?


    The brake pedal represents the pressure of braking and sends information to the ECU for example that the braking forces are electronically applied. So that there is no mechanical contact between the user's foot and the final out come.

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    Welcome to the PF.

    What has your research showed you so far? How does the regenerative braking of hybrid & electric vehicles work?
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    Although not specifically what you're asking, researching electric trailer brakes may give you some information.
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    I doubt that would ever pass safety checks, and don't see how it offers any benefit over a hydraulic system.
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    In a way the ABS system has the ability to function in such a way. Utilizing stored pressure or/and an electric pump the system can apply brakes at any of the 4 wheels without the driver touching the pedal - slow a spinning wheel (TC) or pivot the car to keep it from spinning (ESC). Full electric calipers have been designed but to my knowledge have yet to be installed on a production vehicle, other than for parking brakes. I believe first you will see the system installed on the rear brakes only. Try a search for BWI.
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    Electronic brake control has been used for a number of years in the E class Mercedes its called SBC sensortronic brake control.
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    as russell said, MB E class had electronic brake system. It was problematic, and they later removed it.

    I don't know about current cars, but lots of them has radar cruise control, and crash avoidance systems. all of them can brake without driver pushing the brake, so try looking into that.
    and if i think about it, even cars with traditional "stupid" cruise control can apply brakes, with you just electronically setting the cruise control to lower speeds.
    stability systems can brake individual wheels.

    also, in top gear they had M3 with some smart electronic which could drive around their circuit without any input from driver. they claimed that the car was mechanically standard. just utilizing electronic steering assist, electronic throttle, (probably) electronic brakes and GPS.
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    Escape Hybrids also use a brake by wire system.
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