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Electronic component (coil)

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    What is this(copper-coil one)?

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    Re: Electronic component

    That's an inductor. It works by opposing a change in current, and if used in conjunction with capacitors it works as a resonant tank which can oscillate at some frequency.

    Given alot of ceramic caps around the coil, it would indicate that the circuit is some kind of a wireless receiver, transmitter, or a filter.
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    Re: Electronic component

    wat is tis?

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    Re: Electronic component

    It is a coil of wire.

    It may have a "slug" of powdered Iron or Ferrite inside it on a screw thread. This would make its inductance variable. This would look grey or black and would have a slot or a hex hole in it for use with an insulated screwdriver.

    If it has other windings that are not visible in the picture, it would be a transformer.
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