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Electronic component (yellow)

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    What is this ( the yellow colour one ) ?

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    Re: electronic component

    If you're talking about the one at the end of the board, it looks like either an inductor (see the response in one of the other threads by this same name) or coil antenna. They're encased in hot glue or silicone to make them a little more robust and give a little bit of environmental protection (depending on what you want to use them for).
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    Re: electronic component

    If its an inductor then it should pass the continuty test.
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    Re: electronic component

    Looks like an inductor but a low value one. You can see the wire coil(?). Is there a screw adjuster in the centre of the cylinder? Is there a "H" printed on it to show its inductance or is there an "L" printed on the board, like the Rs and Cs? It looks like a small inductance which is odd, considering the surrounding components and their layout, which suggests lowish frequency of operation. It could be a transformer - how many connections are there? IS there a "T" on the board?
    MATLAB's suggestion is also possible.
    Does the board work? What does it do?
    There are more questions than answers, I'm afraid but I hope they help.
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    Re: electronic component

    Wat is this ? (yellow )

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    Re: electronic component

    It looks like an inductor with a lump of glue on it.

    This is done to make it immune to vibration.
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    Re: electronic component

    What circuit it is? It might help understand the device.

    I guess it to be some radio circuit because of large number of descrete components and small capacitors. The said component might be a transformer or an inductor and a capacitor togather.
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    Re: electronic component

    This is remote control circuit
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    wat is the symbol?
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