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Medical Electronic device read their thoughts

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    Could those chips which they can put in the brains of quadripletics (sorry, spelling mistake probably) which allow them to move objects by having an electronic device read their thoughts be used in other people (At a cost) for example those who wish to improve their relationships with others or something?

    Thanks sorry have to go
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    Simply no. the devices used are very very simple connection that allows few orders. It acts as an interface but does not really translate thoughts. It helps quadriplegic people to have a little independence with environment.

    Improving a relationship is more based on dialogue, knowledge, synthesis... Not on such tiny chips.
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    But *could* these devices currently create a more complex connection and thus "translate thoughts"? I mean hypothetically, currently


    (The question was asked more because the concept could hypothetically help to get rid of paranoia etc in relationships and thus perhaps introvertdness)
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    The problem is the currently word. Actually, no. In decades? In a century, perhaps...
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    And they wouldn't work in coma patients or anything like that right...

    Because coma patients probably never think or anything?
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    It depends of the kind of coma. If EEG is null thus no chip and nothing will work. In all other cases, coma is like deep sleep.
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    I think you are referring to an integrated circuit (IC) such as the BrainGate made by cyberkinetics

    "The BrainGateā„¢ Neural Interface System is an investigational medical device that is being developed to improve the quality of life for physically disabled people by allowing them to quickly and reliably control a wide range of devices including computers, environmental controls, robotics, telephone, television and medical devices."

    Right now it is only being done as a pilot clinical trial. Besides quadriplegics, those with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (form of motor neuron disease) may be candidates for this implant. For a more technological discussion of this device, you can find more at this http://www.elecdesign.com/Articles/ArticleID/8210/8210.html [Broken]

    In answer to your question, people who are not physically impaired are not eligible for the study. If these devices are approved, then sometime in the future it may be possible to have one of these chips implanted into a non-impaired person. The initial risks of surgery will probably outweigh any benefit of this chip. Regarding "improving their relationships with others or something", that is not how this chip works. It is a brain-computer interface. So potentially, anything that can be controlled by a computer, could be controlled by the person's mind.
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