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Electronic Music

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    Any Electronic Music Fans here? If so whats your Bag?
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    I'm not fanatical about any particular music, but I like Kraftwerk and van Gelis (sp?). Oh yeah, and some Randy Newman.
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    Kraftwerk is great...

    What I find interesting is that the best electronic music ideals were born and raised in Detroit, yet I bet you most people here wouldnt have heard of many of the composers of the initial Detroit Electronic Soul..

    For Example:
    Derick May, Model 500, Underground resistance...

    These people gave birth to the sound of "techno" Music which Europeans mostly killed, but some progressed it..
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    Anttech, do you do any composing on the PC yourself?
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    No I dont compose but I do DJ, (and a self admited audiophile) I used to and still do sometimes DJ on Internet Radio stations...

    I have close friends who are published artist

    I have tried creating some tracks using rebirth 303 Cubase and fruitly loops... But the sound I produced was never what I liked

    Zooby, you are a bit of an Artist, do you compose?
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    I had just started playing around composing some more or less comedic songs before I discovered PF a couple years ago. That was on an electronic keyboard. I was working on The Zoobie Canatata, but it fell by the wayside when I first got obsessed with this place.

    I have a proper computer now, and could do midi, I believe, with the keyboard. I was playing around with the Audacity music editing software the other night, and was pretty impressed by what you can do.

    I was going to ask what software you liked for this.
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    Cubase is amazing.. steap learning curve but a very good music app
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    Steep learning curve, eh? Maybe I'll wait till I get good at the Audacity before I check out the Cubase. The other night was the first time I ever played with any music editing. I was really intrigued and enjoyed it, and I'm a little leary of getting sucked into it just now when I've pretty much decided to get a better handle on the digital camera and photo editing.
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    heh... once you get the bug there will be no turning back
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    Vangelis. I loved his soundtrack for Bladerunner but haven't listened to much else by him.

    Mostly I don't care for electronic music. I prefer music that is "rough around the edges" and most electronic music doesn't really have that. I've found that I enjoy some industrial music though. It still lacks the human imperfection but it's grittier and I find it to be an acceptable substitute.
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    Electronic music can be VERY rough arround the edges.. If you want to know some stuff then let me know.. Industrial is very hard techno, kind of inbetween techno and Hard metal I suppose. But there is much better stuff than that out there ;-)

    Look up some Aphex Twin stuff, he does very nice ambient stuff, and rough than rough techno/ Jungle music.
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    Ah yes, the electronica. Brings up fond memories when I used to produce, and the sleepless nights. Needless to say most of my stuff sucked and I dont like it. Right now Im listening to http://carboninside.com/angel.swf"

    This guy (Horace Andy : http://xa9.xanga.com/5d885566d513116368020/b11778546.jpg [Broken] ) is freaking awesome
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    I am getting into recording with the computer. I have a couple of cheap programs: Cakewalk and another one I can't think of right now. I play my guitar into a modeling pedal, into my soundcard. The quality is fair, not great, but okay for demos and playing with arrangements.
  15. Nov 5, 2005 #14
    Massive attack are great... I'm currently listening to Laurent Gariner -- Acid Effiel

    Horrace ehh? You like reggae, nice.. Massive Attack are heavily influenced by Dub.. I recently came into possesion of some amazing minimal dub by a german outfit called "rhythm and sound". If you like Dub you love them, amazing organisation and very minimal at the same time
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