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Electronic Timer Circuit

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    I would like to design a simple electronic timer circuit by other NE555 IC or BC548 Transistor. I’ve got a circuit but it doesn’t work. Would you please me in this regard?

    Appreciate, if you would get back to me with tested circuit diagram at your best possible time.


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    Can you post your schematic and a picture of your breadboard?
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    you'll need at least 2 transistors to get a waveform, I don't think it can be done with one transistor and you said timer (aka counter), you can't make that with the parts your describing.
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    jim hardy

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    NE555 is the ubiquitous Signetics timer IC ,


    Plenty of information here to help you figure out why your circuit doesn't work.
    http://my.ece.ucsb.edu/York/Bobsclass/2C/Tutorials/App notes/555an.pdf

    as Berkeman said, post a drawing of what you tried...
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    the 555 produces pulses or waveforms, my mistake I saw the word timer and thought of counter. don't mind me I'm stupid today :wideeyed:
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