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Electronic Voice Phenomena? (EVP)

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    Hi could anyone give me some informaiton on Electronic Voice Phenomena? (EVP)


    Is it a hoax? What are the possible explanations for it? Could it hypothetically be paranormal?

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    Perhaps you could provide a link?
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    1) I've never heard of it, so an explanation would be helpful.
    2) No, it can't be paranormal because there's no such thing.
    3) If it claims to be paranormal, then yes it's a hoax.

    So please hook us up with a site where we can look into it.
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    Doc Al

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    According to the handy Skeptic's Dictionary:
    For more, see: http://skepdic.com/evp.html
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    Doc Al

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    Good job, matthyaouw! On that note, no point in creating yet another thread on the topic.
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