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Electronics, Computer science or Physics

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    Hi, I'm a mechatronics and robotics student with the inteded speciallity robotics.
    I plan to to make a BS or a MS in these fields since, the college doesn't cover all the robotics subjects. I know allready C/C++ assembly and some notions about artificial intelligence(image processing, shape recognition, egde detection), but I want to know to design my own microprocessors, microcontrollers.
    What do you sugest?
    A BS in mathematics will cover all these subjects? I suppose is true since modern physics
    is mainly applied math, the same goes for computer science. As for electronics I think in the future the the robot brains and circuits will be no more electron based-mayby chemical, optical, or biological(or perhaps positronic or gravitonic). This final statement
    is the reason for which I think a BS in physics will help.
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