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Electronics & Telecom class

  1. Oct 4, 2011 #1
    This is my first semester as a EE undergrad and I'm having difficulty with my telecom class.

    These are my current classes:
    Intro to C Programming
    Electronics and telecommunications.

    Everything else is fine. For telecom, I don't know why they are making us do it in the first sem. As far as I can see, we need some prerequisites in order to understand the subject. The pace is fast and unlike my other subjects, the lecturer jumps from topic to topic. I tried to read some books, but the material is about 200 pages for the two or three lectures he covered.

    In our lab, we have to work with a circuit simulation software and build some circuits as projects. I have never done electronics, so do understand what am I doing.

    Isn't electricity and magnetism / electronics supposed to come before this? Problem is that I don't have a clue where to start. I'm already behind and need some help getting started.

    Btw this is an Australian university in Malaysia.
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    You technically don't even need E&M to do circuits, the only thing you really need is Kirchoff's circuit laws; if you've had some math (ie up to Calc 2 and differential equations) that's about all you need for communications as well. The Math is probably a good place to start, the Schaum's outline series of books for Electrical Engineering are good book for problem solving strategies and review.
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    Can you provide the syllabus for that lecture ?
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