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Electrons at high eta

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    Is it possible to ID an electron in ATLAS if it did not leave a track in the tracking system?
    I think that the coverage of the tracker is : ##| \eta | < 2.0## (TRT) or ##2.5## (SCT)
    for example an event of W+jet would result in Missing Transverse Energy alone + jet if the electron was to leave from ##\eta## let's say 4.0 (I'm being extreme)

    On the other hand I was told there was a technique/algorithm that is able to ID those electrons too... but I don't think I understand how.... what such an electron would give is :
    1. no track
    2. energy deposit in the CAL system
    pretty much like the photon, right?
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    "One of the strengths of the ATLAS detector is its ability to detect electromagnetic objects, even beyond the coverage of the tracking (| η | < 2.5), up to | η | < 4.9 through the EM Forward calorimeter."
    Google hit for "atlas very forward electrons"

    Forward electrons are harder than electrons with tracks and W is harder than Z, so I would not expect a good accuracy, but it should be possible to see something.
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    One could always study electrons at Lhcb.

    If you were interested in forward w+jets, this can also be studied there - http://arxiv.org/abs/1505.01399
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