Electrons collide

  1. What would happen i you forced two Electric currents to collide? Say we have two currents where one current flows "up" the other one "down", and they hit each other at a certain Place?
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    The closest situation I can think of that comes close to what you are asking is where two parallel circuits come join together at a junction. In that case, the currents simply add together.
  4. Lets say we had a copper wire, and two magnets. So we conduct currents (electromagnetic induction) with the magnetic fields. If the magnetic fields moves uppwards then down, the current of electrons will flow to the "left". If we move the magnetic field down and up, the current will flow to the "right". Then couldnt these two currents collide, when they are traveling towards each other? From the left end of the wire, current flows, and then from the right end of the wire current flows.
  5. Maxwells equations are linear, so if you get a current density of +j colliding with a current density of -j then they sum to 0.
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    I believe you'd just make the electrons bunch up in between the magnets.
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