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Electrons & Earthing

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    If protons are neutralized with the electrons, then a group of electrons come close and repel them,if the opposite side of the object is earthed, will they get earthed or just move away somewere in that object? and if the object was large enough would they stop half-way after they stop feeling the repulsion or go as far away as possible anyway?
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    Nature tends toward charge neutrality. As far as we know, for every positive charge, there is a negative charge.

    The nuclei of atoms contains protons (and neutrons). Surrounding the nuclei are electrons, each with equal but opposite charge.

    If there is a group of electrons, they tend to be distributed in a manner of the least energy state. At some point, the excess charge of electrons will cause a discharge, e.g. lightning.

    If one charges a conductor, the charge will 'leak' and at some point, when a critical charge density has accumulated, a discharge will occur.

    A group of electrons would not 'stop half-way' but each electron will be attracted to a positive charge (+ ion) somewhere.
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