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Homework Help: Electrons / Frequency .

  1. Jan 13, 2010 #1

    i have this weird question thats asking what if an electron spirals into the nucleus

    1) what will happen to the electron's orbital frequency?
    2) what would happen to the frequency of the emitted radiation?
    3)what kind of spectrum would be produced - a continuous or line spectrum? Explain.
    2)Look at the emission spectrum of hydrogen. What kind of spectrum is this? Does Rutherford's model predict the correct spectrum?

    Am not sure what the answers will be, i tried to find them out but couldn't figure it out for 100% but here what i guessed.

    1) My guess is that the electron will come to a rest. it will have Orbital Frequency of 0
    2) According to Maxwell's Laws of electromagnetism, the orbital frequency of an electron will match the frequency of the emitted radiation.. which makes my guess 0.
    4) the Hydrogen spectrum is Bright-line Spectra. i can't find anything that relate the Planetary model (Rutherford model) to the wavelength/spectrums on atoms .

    Any help would be appreciated, even if some hints.
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