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Electrons in atoms

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    In trying to understand the oscillating electron in any atomic structure you need to remember that the electron is not just orbiting and controlled by the nucleus but has a spiraling velocity along with the nucleus as the atom accellerates in its path through the heavens (Universe).

    This spiraling path is the reason all cell life deveops using a spiraling DNA pattern along with fact all atomic structure is constantly under external gravitational influences which are constantly modifing the atoms internal wavelengths and oscillatory paths.

    It is because of this constant universal motion that many mathematicl numerical constants have been applied to the standard 3D atomic model.

    We really must include the atoms velocity through the universe in our atomic models, then many missunderstandings will dissappear as we develop a 4D atomic model, which is interactive with gravity.

    The microscopic and macroscopic are fully inter-active fully dependant on each other.


    p.s. check under the heading of 'theory deveopment'
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