Electrons in polywell

  1. Hi , now I was thinking what happens with the electrons that are in the middle of the polywell trapped by the magnetic field coming from the coils?
    Assuming there is plasma and some fusion takes place at some rate " x" , what actually happens with the electrons in the middle , do they say there and keep the negative potential or are they slowly drifting away with time due to the magnetic field and the protons hitting them ?
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  3. Drakkith

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    They stay in the center and form a negative potential well except for the ones that manage to leak out between the magnets.
  4. so your saying that no matter how intense the fusion rate if the magnetic fields are strong enough and keep them in the middle long enough , they will stay there , if only for the mag field being nonuniform they can leak otherwise their steady there ?
    By steady I mean , as steady as a charged particle can be in a magnetic field , ofcourse it will drift away after a while probably.
  5. Drakkith

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    The field from each electromagnet interacts with the other fields from the other magnets and forms a "cusp". The cusp is the region where the magnetic field lines meet. Electrons can leak out through these cusps. Other than leaving through the cusps, electrons can get ejected if you give them a large enough kick, but the temperature of the plasma in the polywell isn't high enough to give them this kick as far as I know.

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