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Electrons, Photons Neutrons ,,

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    Electrons, Photons Neutrons,,,,,

    Electrons and photons are used in all forms of technology, are any of the other particles used in technology and if so an eg of where?
    Other than nuclear fission and particle accelertors where else do neutrons
    come into play?
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    Yes,many "fundamental" particles have "frindly" uses.Neutrons are part of it.Polarized neutron beams are used in studying the internal structure of materials,and this based on the phenomenon of "neutron diffraction"...

    I'm sure that the experimentalists posting on this site could give you more information.

    Proton beams are used in curing cancer...

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    Carbon dating, common smoke detectors and nuclear medicine rely on radioactivity, so alpha particles are important there, if you want to consider them. Cosmic muons can be used to verify special relativity...
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    Also :

    Positron annihilation is a commonly used materials characterization probe for mapping Fermi surfaces or determining dislocation densities.

    Protons (aka [itex]H^+ [/itex] ions, such as in acids for instance) have thousands of uses in chemistry, chemical enginnering, biology, medicine, electronics fabrication, and several other fields.
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    The medical industry uses Positron Emission Tomography (Positron is the anti-electron), alpha particles, laser beams (photons).

    For materials characterization:
    Protons are used in RBS, PIXE and ERS.
    Neutrons are used in NAA and NRA.
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