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Electrons v2

  1. Jul 28, 2009 #1
    Could the wave-particle theory of electrons be explained by assuming that electrons have an internal structure. Once before, electrons were thought of not to have an internal structure but could the electrons' strange behaviour could be explained by the interaction of an external wave and the activities with the electron's internal structure. I'm just a newb at physics but if one were to take this seriously what implications would this produce?
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    What "wave-particle theory"?

    QM has only ONE consistent description of electron, photons, etc... that reproduces all of the behavior. What is the 'wave-particle' there?

    And if we use your logic, do you also propose an internal structure for photons as well? What about neutrinos?

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    See the Weizsacker-Williams description of the electron. This does not address the issue of wave-particle duality, but it does suggest an interpretation of a physical electron as a composite particle. The Wiezsacker-Williams description does explain some QM phenomena, so I suppose that it does address wave-particle duality to an extent.
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