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Electrostatic attraction

  1. Jun 10, 2007 #1
    hi.... actually, i got dust under my ipod screen,,, i've been searching for was to remove it without getting it naked....

    so i thought of electrostatic induction.... i thought that, rbbing a pen with my hairs and then approaching it to my screen, the dust particles would be moving at least from the middle of the screen... i've tried it but with no success...

    should it be actually working by theory.... btw, the screen is abt 2mm thick.
    is there a way to improve what i'm doing?? or is there any suggestion as to remove thye dust without opening the ipod....
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    tr wth cmprssd r vntll, bt t r wn rsk
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    the plastic screen might be preveting it.
    did you try to do anything about induction with a plastic layer in between? if ur charged object is not very strong it cannot overcome the plastic which holds nearly all the charges because

  5. Jun 11, 2007 #4
    hey lallbatros!! was that english??? lol i figured the try with compressed @$^&%^$*^ but try at your own risk??

    could you just tell me in a way i'll understand!!! thnx
  6. Jun 11, 2007 #5
    nope, the screen is of glass..... and how can i increase the strength of the charged object...
  7. Jun 11, 2007 #6
    u have an iPod with a glass screen? Is it the original cover or did u replace it with something else?

    if it is the original one, I doubt that it is glass...
  8. Jun 11, 2007 #7
    You might actually destroy the ipod's chip when exposing it to an electrostatic charge.

    Just blow the dust with compressed air, that should take care of that.
  9. Jun 12, 2007 #8
    now tat i'm a having a closer look, the screen seems like plastic!! ooopss

    and how does this compressed air method work? thnks
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