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Electrostatic field

  1. Oct 15, 2009 #1
    I have two questions:

    Why is it that the field lines of the electrostatic field do stray one from the other one when abs(E) decreases?

    Second question:

    Why is abs(E) bigger in the areas where the equipotentials are squeezed up?

    Thank you!
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    1) Electric field is flux per unit area. Flux is field lines. If E decreases, field lines per unit area decreases.
    2) If E increases, the potential difference between two points increases.
    If ΔV is the change in PD between two points separated by a distance Δx, then what is the relation between E, ΔV and Δx?
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    Thank you for the explanation rl.bhat, I think I got the idea.
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