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Electrostatic Levitation

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    I need some advice about electrostatic levitation concept and am trying to make an experimental setup for that.

    Consider two parallel plates with the same sign charge and the bottom plate is fixed in place. Therefore there will be a repulsive force which pushes the upper plate upwards and it can float in the air - even if it floats only a couple of micro-meters above the bottom plate.

    I have experimented on the attraction concept by connecting the plates to a power supply (parallel plate capacitor analogy), but How can I use a power supply (or maybe 2) and and apply the same charge on plates? How can I relate the "voltage" adjusted on power supply to the "available charge" on each plate?


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    Thanks or your reply it's a really good start. But I'm trying to find someway which is 'adjustable' and 'controllable' ...
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