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Electrostatic Speakers

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    Trying to understand some course material and I decided to look into electrostatic speakers. I can't seem to apply electrostatic theory formulaes to the speaker model.

    There are two stators and a diaphragm in the speaker, my current guess is that the two stators act like a capacitor and hence act like a infinite line of charge also as a parallel plate.
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    Electrostatic speakers are indeed parallel plate copacitors with something soft in between the plates so they can move. The must take enough voltage to hurt.
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    Electrostatic speakers, as a result of their high potential voltage, were often ruined over the years by cigarette smoke fouling what I believe you call stators (not unlike the action of eco-friendly "scrubbers" in high-tech chimneys). Their reproduction of heavy bass was problematic, I think because such a capacitive circuit tends toward greater efficiency at higher frequencies and shallow excursion of the diaphram.
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