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Electrostatics and spheres

  1. Sep 14, 2014 #1
    Two small eqlly chrged spheres ech of mass m, are suspnded frm same point by silk threads of length l. The distnce betwen sphres x<<l. Fnd dq/dt wth whch the charge leaks off each sphere.. If their approach velocity varies as v=a/root ovr x where a is a constnt.
    My ques is; how can the charge leak if both of them have a charge of equal magn ?
    Explain this & also help me solve the problem :)
    thnx in advance :)
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    The two are suspended by threads from one common point?

    It's conceivable that their charge leaks away at identical rates, so the remaining charges maintain equality.
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    thnx :)
    now can u help me solve the prolem !! :)
    nd yes they are suspended from a common point by a silk thread of length 'l'
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