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Homework Help: Electrostatics + Magneotostatics HW question

  1. Mar 24, 2010 #1
    1. For a coaxial cable, calculate E, D, H, and B everywhere assuming a uniform current I in both conductors and uniform charge per unit length on both conductors. Then find: inductance and capacitance per unit length, leakage resistance across the dielectric per unit length, and conductor resistance per unit length.

    2. Assume: Copper conductors
    Polyethylene insulator
    Inner conductor diameter: 2mm
    Outer conductor diameter: 4mm
    Outer conductor thickness: 0.2mm

    3. All I know is we can consider the outer conducter to be infinately thin, DC currect is uniform, and we can consider air to be everywhere.

    This is a large problem and could use any assistance in figuring each part out. Not really sure how to start any of the parts I am to answer.
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