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Electroweak Interaction

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    I (moderately) understand the basics of the electromagnetic and weak nuclear forces, but I recently heard of a combined electro-weak theory. It apparently states that two forces are different manifestations of a single force at very high temperatures. Does this mean that the photon (electromagnetic force-carrier) and the W and Z particles (weak force-carriers) are the same particle at that temperature?
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    well not the same but they behave as they were the same (photon and Z) with equal strengths.
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    By analogy, consider the electric and magnetic forces. They were originally thought to be separate phenomena, but now we know that they're different aspects of the same phenomenon. For example, a purely electric field in one frame of reference will be observed as a mixture of electric and magnetic fields in a different frame of reference. This unifies electricity and magnetism. Unification of electromagnetism with the weak force is another step in the same direction.
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