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Electroylsis help

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    I saw someone had posted a question about this question but I too do not have a clear understanding of how to solve this equation. I have a very small section in my text about electroylsis and I have looked for information in others texts but I still need help. Please if anyone has an idea can you go through it step by step for me.
    The question reads:
    By the electrolysis of water, 11.2L of oxygen at STP was prepared
    a) What charge was required?
    b) If a current of 0.5A was used, how long did it take?
    thank you
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    Follow the standard steps :
    1. Write the balanced eqn
    2. Determine the mole ratio of electrons transferred to oxygen produced
    3. From the given volume of oxygen determine the number of moles of electrons
    4. Convert moles of electrons to charge in coulombs


    Balance and use Faraday's Law

    From the charge transferred, the time taken at some current can be found
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